Our daughter Jane died from SUDEP & possibly from ours and her ignorance. Nearly half of all SUDEP deaths are avoidable. Stay Alive - Read On.

Remembering Jane

After Jane's death friends and family collaborated over facebook and together we created a playlist.  If you want to listen to music that made Jane who she was then watch and listen on YouTube. We cremated Jane.  At the time we decided that was the best thing and had little idea what we would exactly do with her ashes.  However Jane loved travelling and following an idea from one of her best friends we and friends now take her ashes all over the world. We have put together a map of some of the places where Jane's Ashes have travelled to so far.  
View Janes Ashes in a larger map
We are most grateful to Zoe who came up with the idea for spreading Jane's ashes.  It both reflects the travelling aspirations of Jane as well as providing us a person reminder of Jane through the years to come.

If we have missed off a location, please let us know. Born into a vegetarian family, Jane developed into a love for a vegan lifestyle. One favourite was tofutti, a gorgeous cream cheese. There have been rumours that Jane hanckered for bacon butties & sausage rolls. In her latter days it seems she took home, from ITSA, unwanted sausage rolls. However talking to her flatmate, after her death, it seems these were donated to him!

As her Dad I used to make a lot of hummus, which Jane devoured.  As yet I have been unable to make a single batch since her death.

The last Christmas (2011) which Jane dubbed Brickmas Jane's contribution was a vegan lasagne as a starter course.  This was a gloriously fresh layered started with no pasta.  The stack was built with courgettes thinly sliced. Jane started working life with the Hat Box, a small hatting specialist in Oxford's Covered Market. Later she worked for Virgin Megastores, latterly known as Zavvi, now purely an online DVD shop.  For some time Jane worked at the famous Trout Inn, Godstow, Oxford.  Her last job was with ITSA Bagel company in Dublin.

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