Our daughter Jane died from SUDEP & possibly from ours and her ignorance. Nearly half of all SUDEP deaths are avoidable. Stay Alive - Read On.

The ForJane Gate

The ForJane Gate
Our logo is the Gate. Our ForJane gate is quite special to us.  The gate is a real gate that is set amongst Jane's trees.  It was obtained for free over freecycling (which Jane would approve of) and was then cut to size & treated to help protected from the elements.  Amongst the trees it is held upright by posts that were themselves recycled.

All in all the gate stands freely: that is with not attachments on either side, and for us that has a special meaning.  This we refer to as a Blazing Saddles gate, thus named from the Mel Brookes film. Late on in the film, a challenge for the goodies is to slow down the baddies.  This is achieved by building a special gate.  This gate is positioned in the desert with absolutely nothing on either side. Thus in reality the gate has no sensible function. Nevertheless the baddies fall for it.

And so did we fall for the gate, once Jane's gate was established.  Walking through the gate gives me, at least, the feeling of some form of transition.

To make Jane's gate extra special it has a plaque set with the words ForJane, in the exact image of Jane's own handwriting crafted by friends in Cumbria.

As a symbol for our cause thence ForJane became adopted since everything we do in the cause follows, and is measured by that principle.

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