Our daughter Jane died from SUDEP & possibly from ours and her ignorance. Nearly half of all SUDEP deaths are avoidable. Stay Alive - Read On.

Blenheim Triathlon

Right now we are building up to a team effort in the Blenheim Triathlon 2012.  Funds raised from this effort will go to Epilepsy Bereaved and Epilepsy Society.

This is our first major fundraising effort. We have several team entries, where three people are each doing one part of the triathlon.  Also quite a number of athletic people are doing the whole triathlon.

Entrants are:
    • Ali Clarke (Les' Team, cycling),
    • Andy Swarbrick (Andy's Team, swimming),
    • Arthur Swarbrick,
    • Bonnie Craven-Francis,
    • Brioch Hemmings,
    • Carly Harris (Katy's Team, Cycling),
    • Claire Sarrell,
    • Colin McDairmid (Andy's Team, running)
    • Dan Lawton,
    • David Burrows,
    • Eva Dutton 
    • Gail Walker (Les' Team, running)
    • Henry Clarke,
    • Hilary Clayton (Katy's Team, Running),
    • Iain Donald,
    • Jane Hemmings,
    • Jessica Smith,
    • Jessica Craven-Francis,
    • Jo Wallbank,
    • Katy Brimble (Katy's Team, Swimming),
    • Keith Hemmings,
    • Les Swarbrick (Les' Team, swimming)
    • Patrick Jordan,
    • Robert Craven
    • Ruby Jordan ,
    • Sam Calcutt,
    • Sam Clarke (Andy's Team, cycling)
    • Sarah Archer,
    • Sorcha Hemmings,
    • Suzy Clarke and
    • William Whitby.
    Click here to donate now. (the ForJane page of the Virgin Money Giving website should open in a new window.)  If you want to sponsor a specific person choose from the drop-down list as you go through the sponsorship process.

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    1. Watch out for a new super trim Keith who is determined to go the distance in spite of his proximity to sixty!


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