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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

You might have thought it was all over...

David Burrows was originally going to join us at Blenheim, but when the opportunity to take part in an Ironman Triathlon came up near his own back garden, his support team advised him not to try both.  So in two weeks on the 23rd June David is entered into a triathlon that is not for mere mortals.  David has entered into the Celtman which means:

  • instead of swimming just 750 metres David will be swimming 3.8km in a Loch,
  • instead of cycling 20k along rolling Oxfordshire countryside he will be both climbing 2k whilst traversing 200k, and finally
  • instead of running just 5k he will be taking in two Munros taking over a distance of 42k.
This is serious stuff across some of the wildest of the Scottish Highlands.

The Celtman Triathlon does not belittle the triathlon we did at Blenheim.  Each person has their own challenges and limits.  Its just that David pushes himself further than most people can ever imagine, and we are proud that he has chosen to donate any funds raised to ForJane.

So now,  if you HAVE NOT donated already - then please donate as usual.

Alternatively if you have already donated, then please do NOT donate again!  What we would rather ask is, tell someone new about ForJane.  Surely there must be someone  you haven't told about ForJane - please tell them now.  Remember the biggest part of our campaign is awareness.  It is even better if you tell someone who either has Epilepsy or knows someone who has epilepsy.

You might even consider putting up a poster.  You can even print your own poster, simply click on the poster link in the resources section in the bottom left corner of the ForJane website.  If you haven't got a printer contact us and we can send you one through the post.

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