Our daughter Jane died from SUDEP & possibly from ours and her ignorance. Nearly half of all SUDEP deaths are avoidable. Stay Alive - Read On.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Triathlon done, £10k raised

I slept badly last night & my breathing was short this morning.  All I could do was focus on one thing - the swim.  As the moment approached trepidation gloomed ever closer.  And then freezing water enveloped me.  My feet touched the bottom of Blenheim lake and serious feelings of stupidity competed with increasing lack of feelings along my arms.  This was a big mistake was my one overriding feeling.

Coming up for fresh air gave no air of comfort. The one good thing was that I was doing this with my beloved.  Whatever we did we would do together, and now was no time to stop.  And so for five chill minutes we trod water, I with my fear of cramp etc enveloping me.  I had forgotten my goggles and so swimming crawl, my favourite stroke was largely out. The bell then rang.

Yes, this does have a happy ending.  After 200 metres I suddenly found I was enjoying the swim. The distance ahead was not so fearsome.  My blood was coursing and warming my arms.  And any winds were not playing havoc with breathing.  At 600 metres we turned for home, and I felt able to continue and continue... At 750 metres we were pulled clear by very helpful staff up the sliding ramp, and our swim was over.

For the first moment I realized I could breath easily & was it then the sun's rays began to creep through the skies?

In the last 24 hours donations have been flooding in.  Now I can use the term "flood" with ease!  Just a couple of days ago we broke through £6, then £7k.

Tonight we have, with Gift Aid, broken through the £10k.

The story of my hurdle of swimming is just one microcosm of what friends and family achieved today in the name of Jane Swarbrick with the goal of raising awareness of SUDEP.

I am, we are, we all are so very proud of the combined achievements. Raising significant and much needed funds at the same time, everyone in Blenheim was asking "what's SUDEP?"

Good night.

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