Our daughter Jane died from SUDEP & possibly from ours and her ignorance. Nearly half of all SUDEP deaths are avoidable. Stay Alive - Read On.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

One AMAZING moment

I came home tonight and met with the breaking through of £10,000 fundraising barrier.  It had always felt a given after Jane's death that Arthur would enter the Triathlon at Blenheim this year.  He had meant to do it last year but postponed in the wake of her death.

Then one of our dearest friends Ali twisted our arms until we signed up as a further two teams.  Then the TriForJane team grew bit by bit.  More friends and family wanted to do it.  Some did it because they knew Jane from birth and grew with her through the years.  Some have joined in support of ourselves and Arthur.

Simply put - to these friends and family - we cannot thank you enough.  A favourite family word is gobsmacking, and to know that you have put yourselves out is an honour to know you.  Please, to other friends and family who did not participate, do not feel we regard you any less.  Everyone who has supported us in our grieving over the last year or so we treasure every one of you. You are the rock that helps us stay on track.   Each has supported in their own ways and we value each contribution.

Similarly to the donors.  Whether it be large or small, together we WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Together we will help people living with epilepsy lead better full lives - and for longer. Today we reach a fundraising milestone.  Without GiftAid we together have raised over £10,000, and with GiftAid that takes us to nearly £12,000.

In that journey I feel comfortable that your donations have helped stimulate me to to keep blogging.  That blogging has in itself helped raise awareness.  The blog is followed primarily by a UK audience - but also it reaches not only deep into the USA, Canada, Australia, many other European countries, China and Brazil.  After all SUDEP and Epilepsy do not recognize geographic boundaries!

We, in the UK lead the debate & the awareness on SUDEP.  You are part of that vanguard.  Be proud of what you have achieved.

We do not stop there.  Another 3 people with Epilepsy died of SUDEP today.  Another three families are distraught and do not know where to turn.   Probably their loss is very similar to ours.  Please help us reach our second £10k.

David Burrows is entered into Celtman triathlon.  He has one further week before entering a mind-boggling extreme triathlon - and that only describes the countryside called the Highlands.  Also we now have a team of 8 doing the Yorkshire 3-peaks challenge early in July, including ourselves.

We cannot do it without you.  Please help us get the message out wider & further.  Thank you.

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  1. In loving memory of my daughter Hazel Cooper who passed away age 17 years, 5th November 2007 from SUDEP. Very lucky to have known her for this short time. Thinking of all other families affected by this & well done to those raising awareness. Julie Cooper


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