Our daughter Jane died from SUDEP & possibly from ours and her ignorance. Nearly half of all SUDEP deaths are avoidable. Stay Alive - Read On.

Monday, 14 May 2012

SMS Text "jane96 £5" gives £5 to Epilepsy Bereaved

To give £5 to Epilepsy Bereaved as part of the ForJane cause send a text message on your mobile phone to 70070 of the form
"jane96 £5".
JANE96 is 4-letters followed by 2-digits. We have chosen 96 since the Blenheim Triathlon event is on 9th June, or 9/6.  If you want to donate a different amount replace the £5 with your chosen amount. It is as easy that that.  Once you have sent the text Vodafone will send you a message back of the form,
"Thanks for donating with JustTextGiving by Vodafone."
There are no mobile phone charges for this service.  It is provided by a partnership between JustGiving and Vodafone, called JustTextGiving.  The donation is deducted from your mobile account and will appear on your next statement.

You will also get a second message, similar to
"Thanks for your £5 donation to Epilepsy Bereaved. You can add 25% at no extra cost with Gift Aid, just click here https://giftaid.it/f/38958352"
If you have phone with internet capability then you can click on the link and add Gift Aid.

Ideally we would split the donation 50/50 between Epilepsy Bereaved and the Epilepsy Society, but Just Giving does not support that facility at all.  So all such donations do entirely to Epilepsy Bereaved.

I repeat, your donation will appear on your next mobile phone statement. This service is an alternative to PayPal SMS donations.

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