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Monday, 14 May 2012

Shoulder strain, ruled & not okay

My role as part of a team of three people (Sam & Colin complete the threesome) in the forthcoming triathlon is swimming.  Right through my 59 years I have never ever done anything like a triathlon before.  But leisure swimming I do do, we have always done swimming as a family and now with my own family I am proud to say that Les, Jane & Arthur all were good swimmers.  Yes Jane was advised to stay clear of swimming because of her Petit Mal, but later on she ignored the advice, and that decision never did her any harm.  As a family we would just take extra care of monitoring Jane.  Yes, swimming is important to us.  So, year ago when Jane died and after some cajoling we enrolled ourselves into the triathlon it was natural for us to do the swimming parts.

Our regime of practice has been to swim at the Spirit Health Club at least twice weekly, doing 50 lengths each time.  The pool is 15 metres long so that should equip us to have the measure of Blenheim Lake on the day.

Anyway I doing such swimming regularly has been getting the better of me.  For instance, I eventually felt I could even do butterfly.  Not necessarily a graceful or powerful or effective butterfly, but at least I could do more than the three strokes maximum I would have achieved in previous years.  In fact I began to believe I could do a length or two.  Very self satisfied feeling I can tell you.

But given this is a public pool then butterfly is not a stroke to be done when other people are around.  So back to crawl, my favourite stroke.  My crawl has also been getting better.  I remember a not so many years ago feeling very dissatisfied with going slower and slower, and thinking to myself, is that it - then end of my swimming life?

But now with all this practice the tide has definitely turned.  Now I beginning to pick up speed.  So the other day I thought to myself, not only might I simply finish the swimming, I might do better than that and turn in a half-decent time.

Big mistake,.  I completely forgot how to do crawl and my arm went straight out in front of me to get maximum pull.  Only later did I begin to feel the strain.  My right shoulder for the last two or three days has been in such agony it is hard to describe, giving me an almost permanent headache.  I became very stressed out about this because if I had done some permanent injury then I would be putting my contribution to the triathlon at serious risk.

Then magically last night it began to ease up, and quickly.  Was it because my son gave my shoulder a massage?  Was it because I took some pain-killers?  Was it because I had just eaten the first decent meal in three days?  All I know is the speed of recovery felt miraculous. In a matter of three hours all pain and all strain evaporated.

Anyway I do know is I don't a repeat of that strain.  All I know is the strain has gone.  So back to training, and practising how to do the crawl properly.

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  1. You're not as young as you used to be....you need to take care of yourself, old man! (says he, 1 year younger...).


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