Our daughter Jane died from SUDEP & possibly from ours and her ignorance. Nearly half of all SUDEP deaths are avoidable. Stay Alive - Read On.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's not about the money, though that will help

When we started raising funds we asked ourselves about setting a target.  Eventually we elected to go for £20,000, and this indeed is the amount we are going for.  At the time of writing, excluding grant aid we nearing £3,000, so we have some way to go.

We are, though novices in the fundraising province.  Another family suffering in the same way are streets ahead of us.  Abbie's Love Charity who commemorate the loss of Abbie Clarke from Middlesbrough, UK have raised well over £200,000.  I watch in awe as I see, week after week new initiatives to raise funds all to ensure parents, siblings and spouses of those with epilepsy can, in future, sleep happier.  They have marked that phenomenal amount with a walk of friends and family who together have been at the centre of that fundraising.

But I am sure there is right now there is only one thing in their mind.  Eight days after our Jane (June 5th) will reach 26, their Abbie will become a sweet sixteen, on June 13th.  That's what it is about.

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