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Sunday, 6 May 2012

It makes you cry

Today's Broadcasting House on BBC Radio 4 had an article on Sudden Death in Childhood which made me cry.  Sudden death of a child is very different to other deaths.  I do not want to trivialise deaths of other people with whom one lives, but it is different.  If it is a sudden unexpected death then the heartache is all the worse.

Now SUDEP commonly is thought of as a problem associated with young adults.  While that is true that does not mean that either children or older adults are immune from the challenge. The focus of the programme was cardiac arrest, and of course the subject hit the headlines recently when Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the Spurs home pitch in White Hart Lane.

My interest in the programme increased as I realised that some of these deaths may in fact be SUDEP.  And what do I find upon investigation?  So far at least one person on the CRY list had epilepsy, and it is documented that the death was related to an epilepsy seizure.  Read more on the death of Jimmy Brackett here.  Whether it was SUDEP will need to await a coroners report, and so I won't add Jimmy's name just yet, but I will try to contact the family and ask their opinion.

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  1. I just read your comment about sudep and lamictal possible link on linked in . Where would I find that connection on your website. WHat a nice one too. Its a crisis-sudep! I will read your website and gain more knowledge that I already have. I am a mom with adolescent with severe Epilepsy. THe more information I have the better prepared I am as well.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Jennifer Bertram


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