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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Virgin Mini Cards can help fundraise

When trying to raise funds for a charity I spent a little time trying to think of what type of paperwork might help.  One of the features of the VirginMoneyGiving website is a fundraisers help section which amongst other things has a range of documents for furndraisers.  I have added a link to one of these to the Resources panel at the bottom left of this blog.

The one I have added is the Mini-Card.  The Mini-card is an A4 PDF document which when printed can be cut up and handed out to colleagues, friends and family.  Before printing you open it up and it has some editable fields in which you can enter your information, the names of the charities involved and the web page where they can donate.

So imagine the dialogue
Fundraiser, "Hi I'm fundraising for two Epilepsy charities, do you want to donate?"
Friend, "Sorry, I would love to donate but I don't have any money right now."
Fundraiser, "That's okay you can do it online.  Here's how..."
and you give them a Mini-card.

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