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Friday, 20 April 2012

Can Ultrasound help recover someone from SUDEP

When I went to the SUDEP conference last week one of the debates between families was around "would I want to know about SUDEP since there is nothing you can do about it."  One thing I want to achieve in writing this blog is to bring to your attention techniques that might help avoid SUDEP.

The best advice to avoid SUDEP is to avoid seizures.  But seizures can happen, and if you are at risk from SUDEP then what would a paramedic have in their toolkit to help recover you.  Now please do not get the idea that this solution is in production.  But this report on ScienceDaily publish in 2011 indicates that for some incidents then ultrasound might help ensure that someone going through a Status Epilepticus seizure might find recovery from an ultrasound device.

Right now this is a might, and as far as I know no such device actually exists.  But with research this kind of solution might help recovery for some SUDEP incidents.

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