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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Why did we choose to fundraise via Virgin Money Giving

When you start to think about fundraising for a cause, such as our SUDEP one, then one of the first things to think about is how you actually collect the money and get it to your chosen charity.  In the UK the big one is Justgiving, but there are others.  If you live in other countries you probably will be directed by google to other fundraising websites.

We did not choose JustGiving.  Instead we made a contious decision to go with VirginMoneyGiving and we did this for several reasons.  But before I explain those it is important to remember that when you choose a fundraising website that the charity also has costs and beaurocracy simply to be listed as a potential recipient of your donations.  However from a donor's perspective that is all hidden.

Anyway when I started researching I was disappointed that JustGiving simply did not provide the functioanlity that I needed.  Yes it supported the charities we wanted funds to go to, that is Epilepsy Bereaved and also Epilepsy Society.  But could we easily create a fundraising page to enable donations to be split to these two charities?  Well it may be possible with JustGiving, but it certainly wasn't obvious and it certainly looked like a pain to achieve.

There were other problems with JustGiving and although it is, at least in the UK, the big one, there are better fundraising alternatives. And so the hunt for an alternative fundraising route began.  After a long hunt our answer came partly because Virgin Money Giving was the "recommended" fundraising vehicle by the Blenheim Triathlon website.

As soon as we started to investigate VMG, we found it was so easy to split any funds equally (or in any proportion we wanted) against any particular charities we wanted.  Superb.

We can also justify using Virgin Money Giving on a couple of personal counts.  Firstly Jane actually worked for Virgin Megastores which later became Zavvi and also we lived with Jane in a house which overlooked Richard Branson's home in Kidlington.

VirginMoneyGiving is not perfect.  It has some great advantages in social networking terms that JustGiving simply does not even begin to understand.  However on the downside it has its tacky highest donor thermometer.

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