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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Could EpiPen injections save lives during prolonged seizures?

If someone is having a seizure then the longer it goes on then presumably the more life-threatening it is.  In fact a seizure that lasts for five minutes or more can typically cause brain damage and even death.

As part of prevention, AEDs (Anti-Epileptic Drugs) have been taken in pill form.  However if paramedics are called to attend during a seizure then administering pills is not an option.  Now it is possible to administer drugs via EpiPen into the blood stream.  Typically the drug might be administered via the thigh muscle directly into the blood stream.

In my daughter's case paramedics were called to the scene.  But from the information we have it was too late.  However they did try to resuscitate her. I would like to think that had this tool been available then it could have been tried.

I would love to hear from someone who has seen this applied to someone with Epilepsy.

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